Table Etiquette – Mind Your Movements

Breach of poker etiquette could be as embarrassing as breaking a heel at a wedding. At any table there is a collective understanding of what’s right and wrong – but it’s not complicated. Table etiquette is like good manners – simple courtesy and common sense will take you a long way. Here are a few things you should know.

Moodying – Discussing You Hand with an Opponent to Influence Play

If you were playing a tournament, there would be a big taboo and would draw penalties from the tournament director. Some people try to discuss their hand to gauge a reaction from an opponent. By doing this they can determine the strength of their hand or goad the other player into making a certain play. For instance: ‘I doubt I can do anything with the hand.’

Rub Down – to berate another Player when their inexperience has Cost You

If, during a round of betting, another player makes a weak call and then proceeds to make a straight on the river, you may feel cross. More experienced players would have folded and you feel that you’ve been cheated out of some cash. But remember that you are a victim of luck and poker has a karmic side. What goes around comes around and the inexperienced player will soon learn that folding on an outside draw is usually more profitable. Chastising a novice player is simply bad manners and wouldn’t be acceptable at a tournament or even a friendly girl’s poker night.

Lack Attention – Raising, Folding or Calling Out of Turn

This is another sure fire way to draw the wrath of your fellow gamblers. Simply watch the hand unfold in silence and enjoy the drama. The same goes for listening to your MP3 player or talking on your mobile phone. Try not to do it. Rude!

Splashing the Pot – Throwing your Chips into the Pot Aggressively

Some people like to emulate the gambling they’ve seen in movies and toss their bet into the middle in a display of bravado. Retaining your feminine cool will reap all sorts of rewards in poker, so there is no need to sink to this level. If you ‘splash your chips’ it will be difficult to know the amount of your bet from the pot already in the centre. It is best to announce your bet or raise and simply slide or place the chips past the betting line.

Dealing Etiquette – Knowing who does what

The dealer, who has a white disk in front of her, passes the deck to the left to be shuffled, who then passes it to the dealer’s right to be cut, and then it is returned to the dealer who will deal the cards clockwise. After each hand the dealer button shifts one position clockwise.